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Get Moving

I swear I did not fall off the face of the Earth.

I’ll admit, though, when you aren’t allowed to run and you made a blog to post about your running journey…well it’s easy to forget. I have remembered a few times but I was at work and technically I am not supposed to be blogging at work {annoying, right?} and then I sit down to finally write and I GO BLANK.

I have to be honest: I have just been plain ol’ lazy. I had a good excuse right after the accident when my back was killing me. However, that got better but the eating habits did not. The gym was nearly impossible to get to with all the back to school chaos, doctor’s appointments and my Debby-Downer attitude.

But Mommy is BACK :)

I am not running, nope not allowed to yet. However, healthy eating has landed back in my household and I am finally back under 150lbs. WOOT WOOT!!! That itself is major encouragement for me. And the fact that my mother is on my tail, 10lbs behind me.



Counting My Blessings




If you follow your local fire department or emergency services on Facebook than you have probably seen plenty of status updates that look like the above. I always read to see what is happening. I pray for those involved and tell myself how I can’t imagine something like that happening to me or anyone I know.

But two weeks ago it did.

I found the photo above on the EMS facebook page of where our accident occurred.
Just reading it made my stomach churn. In the comments, a fellow passerby shared a photo they snapped of the incident andI immediately noticed my husband in the photo talking with local law enforcement. It hit me, this really happened. We were the ones people were praying for. I still can’t believe it.

Now I will say before I go further, my family and I were very lucky. We walked away with just bumps, bruises and sore muscles. We have endured multiple x-rays and physical therapy. My six year old daughter is now very nervous when we drive. But we are grateful because it could have been so much worse. I seriously sit every day and think “how did we get so lucky?”.

So, what happened exactly?

We had been participating in Park Quest through Maryland State Parks and were tackling our “quests” at the parks on the Eastern Shore. Saturday’s itinerary was to visit Pokomoke State Park to complete the quest for “Swamp Survival”. After that, we were heading into Ocean City for the rest of the day.

Driving along route 13, we were traveling at about 50-55mph. The kids were watching a movie in the back seat of our Chevy Trailblazer and oblivious to anything going on.

As we entered into the town of Pokomoke, I spotted a white car waiting to turn into our lane from the median cut through. And then he just pulled out right in front of us. He never looked to see if anyone was coming before he pulled out! My husband swerved to miss him. But as we swerved back to regain control of our vehicle, it was just too much. When our tired hit the grass median, they dug in and we spun 180 degrees. And then we rolled 1.5x.

I swear it happened in slow motion. In my head I was thinking “so this is how it is going to end?”. And then it was over in an instant. The truck had came to a stop on our drivers side. I didn’t move right away but then turned my attention to the backseat to see my kids. They were scared and crying. But I did not see any blood and everyone was alert.

My husband, a Baltimore City Firefighter/Paramedic {thank GOD!} reacted immediately. “Courtney, I am going to unbuckle you and I want you to climb out of the truck”. I obeyed. And, no I did not fall onto him when he unbuckled me but I don’t remember much. I do remember he had somehow managed to open my door. And I climbed out like I was out hiking up some rocks. Standing on top of the truck, I noticed the underbelly of the truck right below me and I was trembling. I am terrified of heights and this was definitely out of MY comfort zone. But I jumped almost without hesitation.

People were everywhere. OMG I was so thankful and wanted to hug them all for stopping to help us but I knew I needed to get around to get my kids. My husband had remained in the truck and was removing our three children one by one. My daughter came out of the truck crying that she wanted to go home. My youngest was just quiet. But my oldest was crying about his leg and was attended to with the utmost care and attention by everybody. They kept him as still as possible until paramedics arrived.

I went in the ambulance with all three of my kids while my husband stayed behind to attend to the police reports, etc. My oldest was taken on a stretcher with a neck brace and his short legs cut to allow easier examination of his legs. I know he was terrified. My youngest child was able to ride in the ambulance version of a carseat. He was quiet with a very dirty face but seemed fine. My  daughter got very pale and started to sweat as soon as we got onto the ambulance. She kept dozing off saying that she was tired and needed to sleep so the paramedics monitored her very closely. It never dawned on me that she reacted the way she did because her brother was laying on a stretcher in front of her making the whole accident that much more real.

The kids were troopers. All of their x-rays were clear! We were released from the hospital several hours after arrival. We spent the next two days in a hotel and a Ford Focus rental {yes, 5 of us in a Focus}. We rented a U-Haul truck to bring all of our belongings and camping equipment home because they would definitely not fit in the Ford Focus.

*But I am thankful. Yes, the Focus was a very small car for the five of us to squeeze into and definitely not a vehicle we could pull our flatbed trailer back home with, at least we were able to locate a rental. In fact, that car was the only car in the vicinity available.

*And the owner of the towing company went out of his way to drive my husband to the airport nearby to pickup the rental.

*And I am thankful to the lady at the booked hotel who called another “booked” hotel and made up a story about their visitors checking out and having an accident and now needing a room. VIOLA!!! That “booked” hotel all of a sudden had a room available.

*And the lady sitting next to me at the Urgent Care who happened to be the lady who was BEHIND the man who caused our accident and stopped and called 911. Thank you.

Seriously, the towns of Pokomoke and Salisbury, MD were amazing. I am forever grateful to everyone. I am still in awe at the amount of passerby’s that stopped to help us.

As I have been writing this post, I hope it helps me have that good cry that I need. I have yet to be able to cry over the fact that my family and I were in such an accident. But I know I need it. I need it for closure; to let all the feelings out that I have not been able to express over the past two weeks because I was terrified and now fear that it could happen again. 

Things could have been so much worse but they weren’t! I like to think that this accident happened for a reason. To bring us closer together? To make us more alert? To keep us from a worse accident down the road? Who knows, but it brings me peace to think like this.




My Visit with the Ortho

I finally had my visit with the orthopedist yesterday for my right ankle.
If you missed that post, you can read it here.

Anyway, after what felt like FOREVER they take me back and I am seen by a physician.
Of course, I forgot to shave my legs. But he wasn’t cute so I guess it doesn’t matter.

Anyway, he had me walk back and forth and rolled and massaged my ankles.
Whatever it is that they have to do. He asked me all the typical questions, blah blah blah. And then he left to converse with the doctor I was actually there to see. Geez.

So the other doctor comes in. And he asks me the same questions but a little more in depth. And he watches me walk and plays with my ankles too. {BTW he wasn’t cute either}

And then he asks me to roll my ankle in a circle. Of course, I comply.
And the sucker pops everytime I roll it. It has ALWAYS DONE THIS.
The doctor starts to nod and I hear a affirming grunt. He knows what’s up. 

Loose Tendon. That is how he explains it to me at first. {Well, DUH!}

To be more precise, he has diagnosed me with subluxation of the peroneal tendon. {Hmmm….isn’t this what I googled and thought it was too….hmmmm.}

In a nutshell, my tendon is loose. It happened from an injury like a sprain. He said it is very possible I wasn’t even aware of the sprain. So the tendon is trying to move out of it’s groove and the snapping I would feel was it trying to “snap” back into place.

What next? Can I run?


no no no

But I need to get an MRI.
To be specific a “3 Tesla MRI” of my right ankle w/o contrast.

This test is to evaluate me for a “PB split tear” {what is that?!}, “osteochondral lesion” as I am suffering from “ankle instability”.

So, no running. Nothing high impact to be exact.
We will discuss treatment options after he reviews my MRI.

Mommy can NOT run…and it sucks

–Avoid anything high impact–

sad mommy

Well, this sucks.

The words no runner wants to hear. But I heard them, loud and clear from my podiatrist. At first it didn’t quite sink in that I wouldn’t be allowed to run. I thought he was only referring to my new love for Zumba which I am POSITIVE is the major contributor to my ankle problem.

But no, Mommy can not run or do Zumba at least until she is cleared by a orthopedist.

It's not fair!

I guess you want to know WHY I WENT TO THE FOOT DOCTOR, HUH?

Blame my husband. Just kidding. He loves me. But he is why I went.
We were camping & hiking with the kids when he noticed what had been bothering me all week.
Every morning I would wake and as soon as I would take a step onto my right foot -BAM!

“Is there a rubberband holding my foot together?”

It sure felt like if I put any pressure on that foot, this so-called rubber-band would snap and that it would be very painful. So i babied that foot. And after say 15-20 minutes, that snapping characteristic would disappear as if nothing had happened.

My husband had me scared. He has me terrified that I possibly tore a tendon. I mean, he IS a paramedic – he probably knows what he is talking about, RIGHT? I promised to see a doctor as soon as we got home.

So what did I do to ease my mind? I googled that monster.

What did I find? It is possible that I have subluxation of my peroneal tendon <–click to learn more


The Color Run presents the 2014 Kaleidoscope Tour!

580613_574873962566653_444842236_n (2)

Known as the #Happiest5K  on the Planet, The Color Run is a must-do for anyone looking to have a good time. It is a unique paint race that celebrates healthiness, happiness and individuality. 

Now the single largest event series in the USA, The Color Run has exploded since the start and has more than tripled in growth, hosting more than 170 events in 30+ countries in 2013.


 This is 5K Magic like only The Color Run can do.

unnamed (2)

The 2014 Kaleidoscope Tour is hitting cities like never before with amazing new participant gear (t-shirt, headband, wrist band and sling bag) , Fresh music, and Color crazy race attractions.


 I did The Color Run last November with my mom, cousin and friends and it was AMAZING!!! And because I am super close to Baltimore, I want to shout out that The Color Run will be back on November 15, 2014 and will once again be benefiting the Cool Kids Campaign.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



Please post this link to sign up and register:

Promo code COLOR5OFF will give $5 off a registration to ANY city.
Important: code must be entered at time of registration, cannot be retro-applied.
Also please type the code in, do not copy/paste. Not valid with other discounts or promotions.



Screenshot 2014-05-29 23.18.13

An Award? For Me? YAY!!!

Life has been super busy lately. The family and I have been spending most of our free time at the gym doing classes or swimming or heading to the Maryland Zoo. And I work a full-time desk job so by the time I come home the computer is the last thing I want to look out.
Thus, my blog does not get as much attention as I would like.

So the other day, I bit the bullet and logged into WordPress to check things out.
I had a “comment” to approve. —>COOL! {as a new blogger you know this a big deal}

I find the comment waiting for approval and my fellow reader has nominated me as a very inspiring blogger.


 …I swear I almost cried. How sweet! I mean I totally did not see that coming.

I want to give a big thank you to Sara at Sweaty Mess Mama for the nomination! You definitely pushed my confidence up :)

Alone with being nominated comes some rules.

  • Thank and link to the person who nominated you.
  • List the rules and display the award.
  • Share seven facts about yourself.
  • Nominate 15 other amazing blogs and comment on their posts to let them know they have been nominated.

Seven Facts about Mommy Can Run (you can call me Courtney)


  1. I run to be able to runDisney one day.
    <—I confess, I am a Mousejunkie
  2. My husband runs too! He is training for his first full.
  3. I can recite my alphabet backwards in 5 seconds.
  4. I graduating high school with 7 years perfect attendance.
  5. I have a degenerative cartilage condition in my knees. I creek horribly when bending them or going upstairs.
  6. I have three children 10, 5, and 3 and 2 dogs.
  7. I almost went to college to study meteorology. Tornados fascinate me.

My 15 blogs I love and find inspiring. It was hard to pick only 15!


Mud and Suds in the Morning!

5K Foam Fest #fkfoamfest #fitapproach #sweatpink

Tomorrow is the day! The 5K Foam Fest has arrived in Baltimore and I am ready to go…kind of.

I am actually a little nervous. I am afraid of heights. I am not a good climber. I hate the heat. And, YES I KNOW, I did the Warrior Dash but my husband was with me. Who will keep me safe?

Thanks goodness for girlfriends!!! Amber from Fit Foodie Runs will be racing with me for her BIRTHDAY!!! You heard me, this is her birthday race!

So I know that without a doubt I will have a great time tomorrow. I am just a little nervous about the obstacles.

Now, I don’t mind mud…

5K Foam Fest Mud Pit

or bouncy houses and foam…

Mood Walk suds








I have issues with heights.
C’mon, it is called the Death Drop!


Influenster – earning freebies for your opinion


I am addicted to Influenster. It is almost like a continuous ONLINE research program. It has a ton of categories with thousands of products that need reviews so other members can see what the hype {or what stinks} about a product. This allows us to become informed about products we are considering or to see if others feel how we feel about the products.

The more active you are, the higher your score becomes and the better chance you have for receiving a VoxBox.


this is an example of a VoxBox

this is an example of a VoxBox

A Voxbox is the title of the programs Influenster offers to it’s most influencing Influensters ;)
There are many different Voxbox programs that occur at the same time and they change a lot.

Voxboxes contain complimentary products to be reviewed by Influenster members. Members use and review the items in their box and share their thoughts on Influenster pages, their blogs and all of their social media pages to get their product opinions out on the web. These reviews are vital for those of us consumers as well as the manufacturers so they can understand what works and what doesn’t with their products.

Thinking of joining Influenster? Send me your email and I will send you a special link for signing up. And please click on the Influenster badge on the right side of this page to see what my profile looks like and to allow Influenster to see that I am spreading the word.

photo 3 (2)

Baltimore Women’s Classic ’14

Last Sunday was the Baltimore Women’s Classic downtown and I was so excited to be able to do it for the first time. I had heard that there were hot guys at the finish line with wet towels, water, roses and your medal. So I didn’t hesitate with signing up. I mean c’mon HOT GUYS?!!! What an incentive to finish a race!!! And the #BWC is only a 5K so this would be a piece of cake.


I was wrong.

Okay, so that is being a bit dramatic. The weather was average and it didn’t rain like I really thought it was going to. I even got to carpool and run with my very best running buddy, Amber, from Fit Foodie Runs.



Of course, Mother Nature blessed me with her appearance for yet another race but I was not about to let her ruin my day. This race was mine. I was going to own it. I had just completed a 10K a month ago anyway.

So after a potty break and grabbing our piece of PlowOn – we did our stretches and headed to the finish line. And off we went.

And it sucked. I have heard that come areas of Baltimore are nice looking but we obviously were not running in that area.
And there was no breeze to be found. There was nowhere for a breeze to come through.

Not to mention, WATER??? Where the hell is my water station?! I kept hearing that it was close and we eventually found it – about half way through the race. Yeah, Yeah I know. I am complaining about not getting water until halfway through a 5K but this is Baltimore. It is hot, there is no air and people kept yelling that we were almost to it.

Do not sike us up for water if we are nowhere near the hydration point.

After the second water station, I popped a second piece of PlowOn. I needed that extra push. But I think it may have been a bad move on my part. I thought I was going to throw up but I survived {thank goodness!}. The last .25mile or so of the race was nice. We were routed around the Inner Harbor and THERE WAS AIR!!! And the end of was near too!!! We smiled and goofed for our photos as we neared the finished.

Clearing the corner before the big finish, Sandy from So What? I Run was there pushing us on.


I booked it. My legs felt like they were a mile long and ever so graceful. It was over!!! Woohoo, I did it!!!

Hot guys? They were not there this year. But I did get a ice cold towel {I loved this idea}, bottle of water, rose and the most adorable medal.


We went back to watch some more runners finish, visited with the guys from PlowOn some more and headed home.

Will I do this race again? Of course. It is, after all, for the girls and for cancer. It was fun. Perhaps it just wasn’t my day for a run.