Mommy can NOT run…and it sucks

–Avoid anything high impact–

sad mommy

Well, this sucks.

The words no runner wants to hear. But I heard them, loud and clear from my podiatrist. At first it didn’t quite sink in that I wouldn’t be allowed to run. I thought he was only referring to my new love for Zumba which I am POSITIVE is the major contributor to my ankle problem.

But no, Mommy can not run or do Zumba at least until she is cleared by a orthopedist.

It's not fair!

I guess you want to know WHY I WENT TO THE FOOT DOCTOR, HUH?

Blame my husband. Just kidding. He loves me. But he is why I went.
We were camping & hiking with the kids when he noticed what had been bothering me all week.
Every morning I would wake and as soon as I would take a step onto my right foot -BAM!

“Is there a rubberband holding my foot together?”

It sure felt like if I put any pressure on that foot, this so-called rubber-band would snap and that it would be very painful. So i babied that foot. And after say 15-20 minutes, that snapping characteristic would disappear as if nothing had happened.

My husband had me scared. He has me terrified that I possibly tore a tendon. I mean, he IS a paramedic – he probably knows what he is talking about, RIGHT? I promised to see a doctor as soon as we got home.

So what did I do to ease my mind? I googled that monster.

What did I find? It is possible that I have subluxation of my peroneal tendon <–click to learn more


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5 thoughts on “Mommy can NOT run…and it sucks

    • I need an MRI :( He thinks I may have had an ankle sprain that I may not even had known about and now my tendons are loose and out of its normal location. So it is always slipping in and out of the groove that holds it in place.


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