My Visit with the Ortho

I finally had my visit with the orthopedist yesterday for my right ankle.
If you missed that post, you can read it here.

Anyway, after what felt like FOREVER they take me back and I am seen by a physician.
Of course, I forgot to shave my legs. But he wasn’t cute so I guess it doesn’t matter.

Anyway, he had me walk back and forth and rolled and massaged my ankles.
Whatever it is that they have to do. He asked me all the typical questions, blah blah blah. And then he left to converse with the doctor I was actually there to see. Geez.

So the other doctor comes in. And he asks me the same questions but a little more in depth. And he watches me walk and plays with my ankles too. {BTW he wasn’t cute either}

And then he asks me to roll my ankle in a circle. Of course, I comply.
And the sucker pops everytime I roll it. It has ALWAYS DONE THIS.
The doctor starts to nod and I hear a affirming grunt. He knows what’s up.¬†

Loose Tendon. That is how he explains it to me at first. {Well, DUH!}

To be more precise, he has diagnosed me with subluxation of the peroneal tendon. {Hmmm….isn’t this what I googled and thought it was too….hmmmm.}

In a nutshell, my tendon is loose. It happened from an injury like a sprain. He said it is very possible I wasn’t even aware of the sprain. So the tendon is trying to move out of it’s groove and the snapping I would feel was it trying to “snap” back into place.

What next? Can I run?


no no no

But I need to get an MRI.
To be specific a “3 Tesla MRI” of my right ankle w/o contrast.

This test is to evaluate me for a “PB split tear” {what is that?!}, “osteochondral lesion” as I am suffering from “ankle instability”.

So, no running. Nothing high impact to be exact.
We will discuss treatment options after he reviews my MRI.

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